Media Planning

Today’s competitive marketplace requires an advertising plan that focuses and targets the potential customers needed to achieve your company’s financial objectives. It also has to retain the customers you have worked so hard to capture. The number of choices available for marketing has never been larger OR more confusing. An outside advertising expert used to be a luxury, now it is a necessity.

Education and “street smarts” experience is the key to our successful media plans. Dave Nolander, President of Marketing Plus, partners a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Minnesota with over 7 years of retail experience and nearly 40 years in the area of advertising, public relations, and marketing. Dave works every day with representatives from radio, network and cable television, newspaper, shopper, outdoor, yellow pages, direct mail, website design, search engine optimization, and countless other so called “advertising opportunities”. Dave is 100% responsible for every advertising plan we design.

As Marketing Plus specializes in and provides direct mail services, website design, and search engine optimization, these important media services are second nature to Dave and our staff. We also employ our own graphic designers and create/design the majority of our clients’ radio and TV broadcast messages, when part of a plan.

Marketing Plus works on a fee basis, not commission. This guarantees that we work for the client, not the media. Most advertising companies receive a commission from the advertising investments they make on a company’s behalf. In short, they get paid to spend your money. The more they spend, the more they make. At Marketing Plus, we think we should get paid to spend your money “wisely”. Our clients positive results are what keep us employed. As a former owner of three radio stations, Dave witnessed first-hand the commission based advertising dollars that many advertising agencies/companies placed without any concern for the client’s results.

We invite you to set up a consultation with Dave Nolander to see the many advantages media planning and placement by Marketing Plus offers your company.